The Content Amplifier Service

This is how the influencers, fitness celebs and well-known online coaches are smashing it on social media…
and in 2020, how you might be doing it too.

 If you’ve got big goals and ambitions this year…

Whether it’s to grow sales…

Ramp up your business…

Or multiply your income…

All while making a name for yourself in a super-competitive industry… you have to take RADICAL action.

And at some point, that means more than investing just time or energy. You’ll need to put a financial stake on the line too.

But what exactly are you ponying up for?


A strong professional brand image. A brand image that instils trust and reflects the quality of your service. 

So how do you get this brand image?

Quality Content.

Yep, it’s that simple (though not necessarily that easy).

In fact, this is the kind of content I’m talking about when thinking about 
a can’t-look-away brand image…
You might have noticed the consistency in the quality of those incredible shots, and this is important to note too. You might get a great reaction when you post something that stand outs, but you have to do it on a regular to build your profile, authority and following.

It’s only when you’re doing that that the big benefits roll in, and you’re able to:
  • Raise your prices to “top professional” level (instead of more modest increases)
  • Attract more of the “right” kind of clients – the ones who want amazing results, and are happy to pay for them
  • Have top-shelf sponsors knocking on your door offering you all kinds of deals
  • Grow your business rapidly (slow and steady is good, but not everyone wants the “slow burn”)
  • ​Give your income a more than healthy kick
But you know what? For a lot of the coaches and competitors I work with, NONE of those are their #1 reason for pushing to create blue ribbon content.

For them, it’s all about being seen in a new light. As a strong, instantly recognisable expert who’s got “it”. The clients, the money, the Insta-fame… it’s nice, but it doesn’t compare to the confidence you get from showing the world your best face.

How To Create Content That Stacks Up

If you look through enough of the A-Lister posts, you might notice that they invest in the best and latest equipment to create their content.

(Tip: when they show you a behind-the-scenes with equipment strewn everywhere, they’re actually using another form of authority – “look at the resources I have to build my business empire with”.)

Obviously, most fit pros don’t have £3,000 for a top-range Digital SLR, let alone lights and other gear that’s usually needed. In fact, you’re lucky if you’ve got £500 for your entire marketing budget for the month.

So it ultimately comes down to these options… 

You could:

1) Do Nothing – Keep doing what you’re doing if you’re comfortable growing your business more slowly.
2) Do it yourself - Purchase the equipment to create the content you need to position yourself in the top 10%. This may cost anywhere from £2,000 to £10,000+ and take up hundreds of hours of learning to become competent at both the equipment and software needed to edit the content.

3) Hire a professional – When you hire a professional, you benefit from having the latest equipment without the cost, and the expertise without burning hundreds of hours to do all the work yourself.

In fact, you could even hire the UK's #1 fitness photographer…

Over the past 6 months, I’ve been working to create the perfect system to combine a photoshoot service with content creation days to build something unique. Something to provide a select few fitness pros with the solution to one of the most frustrating, yet most rewarding tasks: creating high-grade content at scale.

To do this, I’ve invested thousands of pounds to work with experts in various fields to help shape this service, all so that it delivers on its promise.

I call this service The Content Amplifier.

The beauty of this service is that it takes away 95% of the leg work you would've done yourself. It also eliminates the thousands of pounds you would've had to invest and the hundreds of hours you would’ve spent creating the content yourself, instead of focusing on what your real speciality… coaching!

How it Works

On a monthly or bi monthly basis (once every 2 months)

Schedule Your Shoot Day

Select Your Shoot Goals

Show up and Shoot With BAILEY

You’ll get some content to post same day so you can build hype!

You’ll get the rest of your shoot content within 7 days (usually 14-21)

This Is Where You Then…

Plug content into your content publisher (FB/IG Creator Studio) 
to publish daily

Sit back and enjoy your HQ content being posted automatically 
for the rest of the month

Why the Content Amplifier Makes Sense

  • ​Get 30 days’ worth of content in just 2 hours of shooting! Never worry about your social media content again.
  • Generate more coaching leads, quicker, by increasing your content output quantity.
  • ​Build more trust with audience by leveraging higher quality content, turning followers into leads and leads into clients!  
  • Make the quality of your content match the quality of your service.
  • Stand out from the crowded fitness market and position yourself as a high-end influencer and fit pro.
  • Save hours per day, week and month of your time to focus more on coaching, getting more clients, or even some downtime.
  • ​​​Earn more income by confidently raising your prices and acquiring more clients.
  • ​Attract higher level sponsors and better-quality clients that are more committed and likely to complete transformations.

So here's the deal...

I'm looking for fitness pros that are serious about:

  • ​Growing their business in 2020
  • ​Providing a top level service to their clients
  • ​Standing out from the crowded fitness market 
  • ​Attracting high level sponsors
  • ​Making their social media presence congruent with the professionalism of their service.
  • Making more money so they can reinvest in themselves, become a better coach, serve more clients, and create a bigger impact

To Shoot With Me, Celebs And Coaches Pay 
A Premium Price…
But You Won’t Have To!

By now, you must be wondering what the price is. But let me first add that to get out for a shoot typically isn’t cheap. 

In fact, it costs:
 £360 (1.5 hr shoot)
 Get 15 edits
Have to wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks.

The thing is, all of my clients – and the ones lining up to get on my client list – happily pay. 
They know the value of first-grade content, and as far as they’re concerned, this is a steal.


I know you’re probably not in the top-tier of fitness profiles (yet). Plus, the point of the Content Amplifier was to make premium content more accessible for fit pros who had the drive and motivation to build their business, but didn’t have the resources.

That’s why you’ll only pay:
 £250/mo (2 hour shoot)
Get 40 edits per month
Have them within 7 days.

 That’s right: The Content Amplifier costs you £110 less, you get MORE THAN DOUBLE the photos… and you get them in half the time.

In any case, you probably won’t even pay that. Because here’s…

How You Join The Content Amplifier And End Up With Money In Your Pocket

If you spend just 1 hour a day coming up with something for social media, that’s 30 hours every month lost to your marketing (which if it helps you bring in business, is time well spent). However, that’s an hour you’re not directly bringing in money… so that hurts your hip pocket, at least in the short-term.

Imagine you had those 30 hours back. Imagine you spent that time with clients, charging £40/hour. You’d be up a grand every month (£40 x 30 hrs = £1,200) AND have upgraded your social media with those extra earnings.

(Even if you only spent 10 of those hours with clients, you’d still be up £150 after covering the cost for the Content Amplifier. And that leaves you the other 20 hours to do other marketing, chase up more clients or even some down time wit family or friends.

If you’re an online coach, the numbers stack up even better.
Say you charge each client £150/month. If you score just 2 clients off the back of the Amplifier every month, you’re in profit while saving yourself 30 hours.

And don’t forget the very reason behind the Content Amplifier: you’re positioning yourself as a highly-polished, completely professional authority and brand who’s attractive to clients and sponsors alike.

Give The Content Amplifier A “Road Test” 
With Almost Zero Risk

You might be thinking this is too good to be true: shooting with the UK’s #1 fitness photographer EVERY MONTH and getting all the content you need to build an Instagram profile (and business) that’s the envy of the fitness industry.

You might be thinking “what’s the catch?”.
I’m going to be honest: there isn’t one.

To prove it, you can join the Content Amplifier today, pay for your first month, and if you don’t like it, walk away without paying another penny.

I don’t really need to offer this: close to a dozen celebs, influencers and coaches hit me up each week, asking for me to shoot them. But I love working with fit pros who wouldn’t normally have the opportunity. There’s a certain rawness that makes shooting more “real”, if that makes sense.

So, if you’re on the fence, why not sign up and try it? The worst-case scenario is that you’ll be out a couple of hundred quid, have a month’s worth of kick-ass content to post, and be pestered by others asking where you got the amazing shots from.


What level do I need to be to benefit from the Content Amplifier?

Any! This service will elevate your brand image from wherever it is to a new professional standard.

Where will the shoots take place?

At my studio and state of the art gym facility in Nottingham: Unit 1 The Victoria Works, Wells Road, Nottingham, NG33AR.
I am also considering both London and Manchester shoots, but will depend on where most of our members are located. 

How long is the membership?

It's a 6-month membership you’ll be able to use on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, depending on your schedule.

What If I'm too busy to travel once a month?

So, you can either have a standard monthly shoot (2 hours) or a extended shoot (4 hours) every 2 months. I’ve designed the service to cater to your schedule, giving you the flexibility to focus on running your business and the results to help scale your business.

Do you offer a guarantee?

Absolutely. as a member of the service you get a 30-Day guarantee which starts the day of your first shoot. 
So for whatever reason you don't wish to continue you cancel by simply dropping me an email  

How much is the program?

£250/mo which in relation to the value and results you'll get off the back of using it, is... a... steal!

Still not sure or have more questions?

Let's hop on a 15 minute no obligation call to go through any question you may have to ultimately see if this service is a good fit for your goals and what you are trying to achieve in 2020
Christopher Bailey 2020